Welcome to a new year! For many of us, January is a time to make new goals and set milestones for the upcoming months. This year, I’m focusing on self-care and my health — including the health of my website.

In fact, I recommend that all website owners dedicate time to review their website health at the beginning of the year. Whether you run a personal blog or a business site, you can’t afford to ignore your website health.

Now is a perfect time to review your website security with this handy checklist of 5 items to enhance your website security for the new year:

To recap, your checklist this January to improve your website security:

  1. Update WordPress and Plugins
  2. Audit Users
  3. Review Backups
  4. Remove Unnecessary Themes and Plugins
  5. Test Contact Form

Questions or concerns? Schedule a free call with me to discuss bulking up your WordPress security.